The Giving Coin is Fiscally Sponsored by The Peace Development Fund (PDF).  PDF was founded in 1981 when a small group of donor activists came together with a common vision of funding social justice and peace through a public foundation.  PDF was founded on the belief that lasting change will come only when a large amount of people are well informed and empowered to make change.  PDF has always believed that true democreatic change must take place from the bottom up.


The Giving Coin was born from a vision that its founder, Tyler Blank had while living on the Big Island of Hawaii. He dreamed of a way that Healing could take place without money being exchanged for Care... A Way to Encourage People to Help one another, as Neighbors, as One Family... He wanted to make a difference in the world beyond giving Bodywork to Individuals and leading small Groups in the experience of Yoga... He knew that change happens with Movement... And the Universe whispered in his ear, about Passing the Gift of Love... carried through the means of a Coin...

Executive Director

Tyler Blank is the Founder & Executive Director of The Giving Coin.  He lives in Oakland, California, where he produces Ecstatic Dance, leads AcroYoga classes, and practices Chi Kung.  More about Tyler can be found on his website at:  www.OneBreathArts.com

Board of Directors

Ari Derfel is the Chairman of the Board of Directors.  He lives in Oakland California, and runs the Organic Catering & Outdoor Adventure Company:  Back to Earth  and Gather Restaurant.  Ari is dedicated to Educating the World about Creating a Harmonious Balance with the Earth, and has created a website to catalogue his unique adventure of saving all of the trash he made in one year: SaveYourTrash.com  His Biography can be accessed here:  at OrganicCatering.com

Niall Geoghegan Psy.D, a psychologist living in Berkeley, CA, is Secretary of the Board of Directors.  He practices within the Kaiser Permanente network and dedicates much of his free time and energy to training and instructing other psychotherapists in the theory and practice of Coherence Therapy. Dr. Geoghegan is also an adjunct faculty member of a local university, where he teaches an experiential seminar on racism, sexism and other forms of multicultural oppression to psychology graduate students.

Jennifer Yarro is Treasurer of the Board of Directors.  She practices and teaches the art of Thai Yoga Massage, is a trained Yoga Instructor (AcroYoga, Meridian Yoga, Kundalini, etc.), a cerfified Massage Practitioner, Reiki Master, and a Licenced Doula.  Jennifer is a Seeker of knowledge, experience, and travel.  In addition to her many healing modalities, she holds a bachelor's degree in Pre-Medicine and Psychology from the University of Massachusettes.  More about Jennifer at JenniferYarro.com



Email:  TheGivingCoin@gmail.com